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Make a Block suggestions

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I have two related suggestions
  • The first is to extend the "make a block" idea to allow Scratchers to make an operation. For example it would be nice to be able to create an operation with four inputs the x and y coordinates for two points, that would output the distance between the two points.I am certain that many people would find this feature useful.
  • My second suggestion is that Scratchers be able to save a "toolbox" of blocks (and hopefully operstions} that they have created. Then we would not have to reinvent the wheel each time we found a need for a tool we have already created. This would allow people to share their tools in the same way that we share projects. Other Scratchers would have the opportuntiy to use and remix custom blocks and operations. As they rated these tools the most popular and useful ones would rise to the top in the same way as so many things are crowd rated on the internet.
i have no idea how difficult these features would be to implement, but I hope you agree that they would be a welcome addition to the Scratch environment.