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BLC 2011 | Digital Storytelling with Scratch

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Karen Brennan

Hi everyone,

Now that we're moving into more open-ended building time, here's a list of resources/strategies that you might find helpful for developing your project:

  • Scratch cards: Build up some Scratch skills with the Scratch cards, a set of twelve Scratch code excerpts that introduce everything from basic animation techniques to keyboard control to keeping score. If print isn't your medium, check out the video tutorials.
  • Story Time projects handouts: Check out the Story Time project-making activities, which include instructions for building different types of stories (a slideshow, a dialogue, and a multi-scene story). Try creating one or more of the projects.
  • Workshop sample projects: Check out this curated collection of digital stories created by young people on the Scratch website. Download the projects and see how they were made.
  • Explore the sample projects that come with Scratch (File -> Open -> Examples).
  • Browse the Scratch website and find a project that you like. Download the project and play with it.

I hope that gets you started. If there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Have fun!
The ScratchEd Team