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BLC 2011 | Making Games with Scratch

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Karen Brennan

Hi everyone,

Like the morning session, now that we're moving into more open-ended building time, here's a list of resources/strategies that you might find helpful for developing your project:

  • Scratch cards: Build up some Scratch skills with the Scratch cards, a set of twelve Scratch code excerpts that introduce everything from basic animation techniques to keyboard control to keeping score. If print isn't your medium, check out the video tutorials.
  • Let's play projects handouts: Check out the Let's Play activities, which include instructions for building different types of games (a maze game, a collision game, and a guessing game). Try creating one or more of the projects.
  • Workshop sample projects: Check out this curated collection of digital stories created by young people on the Scratch website. Download the projects and see how they were made.
  • Explore the sample projects that come with Scratch (File -> Open -> Examples).
  • Browse the Scratch website and find a project that you like. Download the project and play with it.

We hope that gets you started. If there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Have fun!
The ScratchEd Team