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Controlling 2 Lego Wedomotors with gestures - Kinect

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Anders Berggren


I just wanted to show you a cool thing to do if you have a Kinect and a couple of Lego Wedo Motors. And a few hours left for making, thinking and doing...

I used the Scratch2Kinect from Stephen Howell, and the TwoMotors Scratchimage from Kazuhiro Abe.




The video ( I couldn´t embed the video...)

steve smith
 Hi Anderrs,
I met you in Barcelona I have been doing a lot of wedo with the children in my local Primary schools.
I have a kinect and can get my car to respond to gestures, although it is a bit erratic , possibly my programming or my pc.
However i have a problem with my programming and i am getting a bit frustrated.
I saw on your you tube video that you have two variables displaying what power the motors are delivering.  How did you do this?  I have made a scratch along the lines of the one on your youtube video. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

Anders Berggren

 Hi Vanessa

You don't need the lego software. Just plug in the legohub and Scratch take care of everything. I think the constructionset is a little bit expensive (in sweden), so just buy the motors, the usb legohub, a couple of legosensors.... And use old legoparts.

The kinect needs more power, I think, than the USB port can handle. So get the extra powercable and experiment :) It's a lot fun...


Vanessa Perez

 This looks great. I haven't used WeDo yet, do I need to purchase the WeDo software

At all? Or just the construction set? Also, why can't you use a kinect powered through the USB?