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Error message when trying to add followers to studio

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I created a studio. Yet when I attempt to add some of the members of my club to curate the studio, I get an error message: Sorry, you don't have permission to do that.

The only difference I can find in the users I am trying to add as curators is related to the ability to add comments. The two users I was able to add as curators have not turned off commenting, while the three users I'm unable to add as curators have turned off commenting. 

Has anybody experienced this problem or received this error message? 

Please advise.
Thank you.
Hi Priya!
I wonder if perhaps the invite has already been sent, and so it is reading as inviting a member more than once? Here's what I found on the wiki:

"To add a curator to a studio you curate, you must be a manager of the studio. First, go to the "Curators" tab and press the button that says "Invite Curators." From there, click on a user from the bar at the bottom of the page that contains all the users you are following, or type the username in the box below the button. If they have already been invited or they are already a curator of the studio, then it will give you an error message. The user you have selected will get a notification asking them if they would like to curate that studio, in which they can choose whether they want to curate the studio or not. You cannot invite someone twice."

Have you shared this question in the Teaching with Scratch Facebook Group? We're slowly migrating discussions over to there, and I think you'll find a lot of great support from the educators in the group as well!

Alexa, on behalf of the ScratchEd Team
Hi Alexa,

After inviting them, when I went to their laptops, I did not see the invite message inviting them to curate scratch. Are you saying that now there is no way for them to become curators of the project because I can not invite someone twice? 
Thanks for the clarification.

BTW: I will also check out the Facebook Group

Hi Priya!
I'm not sure—It seems like a glitch of some sort. You may also want to email the teacher accounts support team: ​ — I think they can give you the advice you're seeking!