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Ellen Bannerman
Hi hope all is well,

I would like to share an idea with you, a concept that looks to change the
education system worldwide; an idea in its early stages of development but so
grand in its ambition that it seeks to eventuate global equality though
education and the gift of knowledge.

I write to you because as you are I'm a computer enginering working full time
with education. I'm responsabile to evaluate and propose solutions with all
sort of solutions that involves technology.

I am interested in building a relationship with you so eventually we may work
together with shared values, I like that you belief that the key to
development of human resources lies in universal education and gender
equality. When equipped with knowledge, skills and ambition, children can
grow up to live happy, empowered lives, and be valuable members of their

First I would like to introduce our concept:

We are a non-profit organisation striving to empower the world’s poorest
individuals through advancing educational opportunities.
We work on the expansion of education by providing a new approach to the
content and delivery of the learning experience, giving knowledge to the less
privileged with no previous means of accessing the opportunities now
available in the digital age.

We are puttind a lesson plan together to use scratch on this platform on
which the tools of learning will empower people with the technical language
of the future, so we may globalise communication in the digital era.
Connecting people in the remotest of places with a universal language will
not only change lives through impact but change the meaning of equal

Our mission is to educate children in coding and design concepts by engaging
them in cutting-edge technology, like Raspberry Pi, with inspiring projects
that are fun and productive; Building games of their own designs with
javascript, HTML CSS and python.

We aim to make this learning model a part of the school curriculum to give
children the chance in developing countries to work on a universally
recognised skill, building their confidence in developing themselves and
broadening their career prospects worldwide.

We want to build lasting relationships with local communities and encourage
everyone’s engagement in the program.

An allocated teacher will be provided for the leading and supervision of the
learning development of our students. Our continual support will see that
individual learning needs are met and that graduates are given the tools they
require to utilise their skills as they grow.
Current education in technology development has discovered a huge weakness
that has inhibited the ability to actually understand the concept of how it
works. Graduates understand how to use technology but not how to build it;
coding is the key in advancing both technology as we know it and the people
using it. The ever growing needs of the employment market can be met by those
with the skill set to take it one step further. This is what we offer.

There is a significant difference between consuming information and being
confident to develop it.
Imagine speaking the same language; code, this could be the first step to
creating global equality, in terms of opportunity. Regardless of where you
are, we get you where you want to be.

I request the opportunity to communicate directly with you so we can further
discuss the processes that are under way with regards to both the business
model and applied funding. I would also like to explore how we may potentiate
a partnership.

Kind Regards
Ellen Bannerman