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I am wondering if there is a generated list of project tags to use with projects?  If so how can I access them?  If not what are some suggestions to use or consider when making Tags and/or when searching for projects.  
Hi Elizabeth,

My name is Christan, I work on the MIT Scratch Team. We have a set of suggested tags (seen in the image below). These tags include: Animations, Art, Games, Music, Simulations, Stories. These are some of the most used tags on Scratch.

While we offer these suggestions, you should feel free to use any tag you would like! For example, if you are making a project about dogs, you shouldn't feel limited by the options we provide, use a tag that makes the most sense for you and your project (in this example I would use the tag "dogs"). You can include up to three tags. (No spaces are allowed within a tag, so if you want a tag with multiple words simply remove the spaces - for example, Scratch Cat would become "ScratchCat").

Something else to note is that the search engine also takes into account the title of your project as well as what is written in the Instructions and Notes and Credits so the more detail you provide in these areas, the better the search results will be.

I hope this helps!