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Sticky Notes in Scratch

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I saw in someone's Three Little Pigs project that they had added sticky notes next to their code writing notes about what that code was supposed to do.  I think that's a great idea, but I don't see how to add them to my project.  Where do you find sticky notes?
Hi Kerry!
I believe this will teach you how to post the stickey notes! 

Here is the transcribed information from Scratch Wiki:

Comments in the Scratch program are adjustable textboxes that can be attached to blocks, or left floating. The comment boxes can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically, dragged around the Scripts Area, and deleted. In a survey conducted by the Scratch Team, which tried to identify the top scripts used by Scratchers, the comment block (which was accidentally found by the survey engine due to technical reasons) ranked 10th, is 0.68% of all scripts on the website.

To add a comment to a block, right-click it, and in the drop-down menu choose "add comment". This will add a yellow box in which you can type your comment. Comments can be added anywhere in the Scripts Area the same way.

In 2.0, comments are created by right-clicking. If you right-click on a block, the comment will be connected by a (very) thin line to that block. If you right-click on the stage, the comment will not be connected to anything. You can edit or delete a comment by right-clicking on it.

Mini comments are one line long and hold the amount of characters that will fit on one width of the comment. Change from Mini to Full by clicking the triangle at the top left of the comment. Full comments display all text entered into it, which can extend infinitely.

The width (size) of comments can be altered by clicking (the parallel lines at) the bottom right-hand corner of the comment and dragging to the desired width (size). This can also be extended infinitely and is particularly useful if the mini comment is too narrow to display a sufficient amount of characters.

I hope this is helpful!