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Student login problems

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I created  my class and accounts for my students.  I assigned a password(  that is the same for all students) that  student will change once they login.  
  I tested logging in as several students but get the error message "Incorrect  username or password" for most.   I know that is not the case because I  
double checked the username and password. 

Does anyone have a fixer for this?  I contacted  but was directed to ScratchED.

Hi again, Mariette, 

You'll want to contact the Scratch Team at MIT with this question. They can be reached via:

And in case it's helpful, here's a little visual to break down the difference between Scratch, Scratch Teacher Accounts, and ScratchEd. You're not the first person to be confused! :)

Hope that helps,
Willa, on behalf of the ScratchEd Team