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Students participating in more than one class using the same Scratch Account.

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I can't seem to find a discussion thread for this.  If there is one, please point me towards it.  

Background:  I'm an elementary and middle school technology teacher.  I teach in a lab with 6-8th grade students and push into teachers' classrooms K-5 where students have access to chromebooks or iPads.  I'm trying to integrage Scratch and CS thinking to be across the regular ed curriculum but I'm running into a snag...

My issue: 
I'd like to be able to create groups of students so that my student "scratchers" could participate in more than one class.  For instance, I'd like to create a class under my account that students can particpate in during tech class and allow them to participate in another class that they can use in their regular-ed classroom - much like how allows for student users to be monitored by multiple teacher's accounts.  

Currently I'm creating "classes" of students for each grade level so that they can use their account multiple years in a row and have access to them in more than one environment.  Ex:  "Class of 2022", etc. 

I have a feeling that creating different studios for each classroom environment is going to be the fix that I find, but I'm wondering if someone else has encountered this. This feature would be helpful so that students can keep their projects for multiple years instead of loosing access to their creations when a teacher "ends" the class.  It also would students access to the backpack across multiple environments and across unpublished projects.

Thank you! :-) 


My name is Christan Balch and I work on the MIT Scratch Team. Currently it is not possible to move students from Teacher to Teacher or class to class. We are still in the process of thinking through what this flow might look like and apologize for any inconvenience this causes you. In the meantime, we do have a couple suggestions that would allow your students to keep their work.

Your idea of using studios is wonderful! This is something we've suggested in the past and I think that it would work well for the needs you are describing. 

If you do not want to use studios and/or each Teacher wants to have students in their own, unique classroom, another possible option would be to make use of the remix feature. Students can remix their work from one account to another. Alternatively, they can also always download their projects from one account and reupload them into another. (Even if a class has been "closed", shared projects can still be found remixed/downloaded.)

I hope these suggestions help!