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Teacher Accounts - How Do I add existing (followed) Scratchers to a new Class?

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Not sure if this is the correct place to post this so apologies in advance.

I am working towards offering a structured week by week "lesson plan" that coordinates with the school curriculum.
Scratch is the chosen tool. however, my son sees his career in coding and programming - his school unfortunately are not offering coding (but are covering general IT).

I have done coding myself over the past 25 years and have decided to assist him and his friends in getting started in Programming.
To this end I want to use Scratch to teach many concepts and principles for IT and Coding.

What I am struggling with is the following.
I have created a new Class - I want to add an existing Scratch user to the class.
When I go to Students and the Add User - I enter the correct (doubled checked) user name for the Scratch User.
I get prompted that the user name already exists (which it does) but it will not let me add the user to the class.

I have followed the user in question (my son) but how can i add existing users that i know to a class so that they can follow the plans for the class and submit their projects?

Help please.

I don't want to have to create brand new scratch accounts for students each time i create a new class, but will likely be adding teh same group of users time after time and class after class.

Also It would be very useful if we as teachers could upload a txt file that provided instruction (or requirements) that each student must comply with in order to successfully complete a class/studio/project - is this possible.

Hi Laura and Mark, 

I understand your desire to be able to add existing Scratchers to classes. To quote the Scratch Team's FAQ: "Only accounts created by the teacher can be part of a class. However, we are looking into adding this functionality in later versions."
Though this feature isn't available yet, you could express your interest by emailing the team that works on teacher accounts at 

Wish I could be of more help, 
Willa, on behalf of the ScratchEd Team 

I have the same problem with student accounts already created that need to be added to my class. I thought I did that last semester but can't figure out how.

Can someone help?

Thank you.