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Scratch Teacher Accounts now Available

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So excited about teacher accounts!  Yay!  I have a quick question...once I've set up each class, and added my students, how do they log in?  Do they sign in with my teacher username and password?  

Also, I set up a test student to try to figure this out can I delete that test student?  Thank you!
Hi Karen. Good questions! The password for student accounts depends on how you created their accounts. Did you use a CSV, email link, or create the accounts one at a time?

If you used a CSV then you predetermined their password when you created the accounts.
If you used the email link, then students create their own password by following the link.
If you created the accounts one by one, then the password is your Teacher Account username (they will be prompted to change this after logging in for the first time).

In order to delete the test account, you will need to sign into that account and delete it through the Account Settings menu.

We have created a Teacher Account FAQ page as well as a video about Teacher Accounts that I think might be helpful in answering some of your questions :)

I hope this helps!

Hi Christan,

I would lik to provide the Traditional Chinese subtitle for the " video about Teacher Accounts".
Youtube can antomatically gernerate a English .srt file
May I have the English .srt file so that I can do the transaltion? 


Perfect, thank you so much!  
Thank you, thank, you, THANK YOU!
So excited about the teacher accounts! Is there a limit to the number of students that can be assigned to a class? I noticed that the csv file upload has a limit of 50.

Thank you Scratch Team! You are all heroes!
Hi Bradley! Nope, there is no limit to the number of students that can be assigned to a class. :)