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Hey, everybody!  My name is Jeffrey Gordon.  I teach computer science classes to 9th graders in Scratch and Javascript in Oakland, CA.  I used to teach elementary school, and used Scratch for just about everything.  

I've always wanted a way to make quick "galleries" of student work, for reviewing at the end of a project together, or for assessing their learning on my own time.

I put together a simple website that anyone with a Google account can use to create a gallery.  Share the link with your students, and they can add their own Scratch projects to the gallery.  You'll see their full names, but everyone else sees just their initials.

The website is free and published under a CC license.  Right now, it's in an alpha state, but I'd welcome feedback from anyone who cares to use it.

Here's an example gallery of some 4th graders' Plinko projects:

Jeffrey Gordon
East Bay Innovation Academy
Upper School Computer Science Teacher
Oakland, CA