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looking for Orange County, CA Scratch Teachers

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I'd like to connect with other OC based Scratch teachers.

contact me at

Using Scratch at Buena Park HS!
Hi Kevin,

This isn't a typical resource (though you could argue that a powerful model is a resource):

Astonishing Night Sky Map on Scratch

Feel free to post this question as a new thread on the discussion forum and we can tweet about it, too, if you want.

I'm excited to see what resources people share.

Willa, on behalf of the ScratchEd Team

Hi Greg,

If you zoom in on Orange County on the Members page map, you can click on various members who are near you. You can also find a (short) list of members in O.C. by searching the site.

Good luck connecting!
I teach Scratch to students in the Los Angeles area.
Hi Keith:

I teach computer programming, including Scratch, to MS students in Torrance.  Do you have any appropriate resources to apply programming to astronomyy?  Thx. Kevin