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Access to cloud data functionality

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I've been teaching 4th & 5th graders to code in Scratch for 6 years in a school environment. The classroom feature is great. 

Every year I have a couple of kids who are ready to persist data via cloud variables.

However, getting students to "Scratcher" status seems very hit and miss.

Is there a way for a teacher to grant cloud data status to a student? Failing which, is there a foolproof method that will get a student "Scratcher" status.

Hi Santosh!

The Scratch Team doesn't reveal the exact requirements for moving from "New Scratcher" to "Scratcher," but I find that the Scratch wiki can be helpful for answering questions like these! 

"To be upgraded from New Scratcher to Scratcher, you must have at least two projects, several comments, love and favorite projects, and have been on Scratch for at least 2 weeks.You will receive a notification when you meet the qualifications."

From "How do I become a Scratcher":

A Scratcher also answered this question in the Scratch forums:

Hope that's helpful!