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please help me to find a teaching plan for middle school (english or russian)

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Hello, i run a little scratch studio and it would be great to find out some plan to teach scratch step by step.
Hi Artem!
I would check out Unit 5 of the guide, "Diving Deeper", which includes a section on Advanced Concepts, as well as some of the other resources and discussions that have been posted on the site:

Need Advanced Scratch Project Ideas for AP Class:

A few ideas from hour of code: s

Resources for folks who are interested in diving deeper into scratch 

I hope this helps!
Hi Artem! Are you familiar with the Creative Computing Guide at all? It is one of the resources we've created, which leads you through various levels of scratch-project development, from the very basics (what is scratch!) to de-bugging and game design! You can find it here:

Let us know if this is helpful!
Alexa from the ScratchEd team
Thank you Alexa, i`ve seen it, i`ve read russian version and it is cool. 
May i please ask you - what age do you think is good for this guidance?
Do you have advanced guides to implement variables, functions and more?