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I am reading lots of things on the Scratch website about teaching Scratch. However, I need to know the English (not British because Scotland's education system is different again) equivalents for lower elementary,upper elementary etc. Anyone have a list?


Hi Kathryn,

Hope the Club goes well tomorrow ... I look forward to hearing how you get on!  I'm not that far from you in Burgess Hill, but I teach in South London (technically I'm not a Code Club Volunteer as it's the same school I work in).



Hi Kathryn,

I just posted a reply to you but it was mysteriously eaten up ... apologies if this appears more than once!

I think KS1 is roughly Lower Elementary and KS2 is Upper Elementary with our English year 6 = Grade 5 and Year 5 = Grade 4 etc.  Certainly this is what I found at American schools in Africa.

I have been teaching Scratch to year 6 who are very enthusiastic Scratchers: their creativity and very positive attitude to Computing never cease to amaze me.  Equally successful have been lessons with year 3 children  - Scratch is ageless really. 

We also have a Code Club - 23 members and a waiting list!

Liz (in Sussex)


 Hi Liz,

thank you for that. I have got my first Code Club on Friday! It will be interesting and cosy - we only have 95 pupils in the whole school so I have got 6 coming. That's probably good for me to start with :)

What I lack in experience I hope will be made up for with enthusiasm! Can I give you a shout if I need advice?!