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Scratch Connecting Worlds

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Scratch Connecting Worlds will happen July 25-27 at Citilab Cornellá (Barcelona, Spain).

We're working very hard on a exciting and inspiring program. Please consider participating with your own presentation, poster or panel discussion. Sharing the experiences that Scarcth brought to you may be just the thing that sets someone else on fire :-)

All details to be found at

Some dates:

  • 28 February: deadline first round of proposals
  • 1 April: Early registration starts
  • 15 April: Program outline announce
  • 15 June: deadline for material in conference book, end of early registration
  • 30 June: program announced
  • 25-27 July conference







 Thanks.  I am waiting anxiously to hear the details.  Getting funds approved to go is a long process.


 I am extremely excited. I won a grant to attend the conference and can't wait to start. I want to observe Citilab as an effective learning environment and creative space, as well. I have tried to communicate via  their website with no response. Can anyone hook me up with an English-speaking native to give me a tour of the facility? I don't think I am the only one who is fascinates by the lab model. 


 Drop me a line, and I'll get you in touch with them. joek at scratch2013bcn dot org


Registration opened April 1 but I cannot find any information about registering.  Where do I register? 


 You're right Robin, we're running a little behind schedule. Thsi weekend program committee will decide on 100 proposals entered, publish a rough program and open up the registration. Please allow su till the end of next week (that's april 12) to get everything properly arranged.

Member tells us that early registrations starts 15 april. I hope it´s not wrong... If it´s earlier please update Scratch2013bcn...


If all goes well with ticket / payment provider it will be this week, that's April between 10th and 13th ... Are you afraid we sell out in days? :-)


I am writing  a grant to attend this conference, but I can' t find a registration fee anywhere.  Can you telll me what it will be?  Also, will you be booking rooms in a nearby hotel?  If so, please give me the cost of a single room.  Any other information you could give me about the event would be very helpful in writing my grant.  Thanks.


 We'll try to keep registration at € 100 for three days (early bird tariff april / may), maybe a few euro's extra for ticketing costs. Within walking distance you'll find NH and Novotel with rooms at approx.  € 80 - € 120 a night. This weekend we'll update the main website with more information on this. Expecially the code to use for special rate. If you're on a tight budget you may want to check, and the like. Citilab Cornellá is 15 minutes walk + 15 minutes train from downtown Barcelona, so staying in the more turistic areas of barcelona is an option too.


 Dear Vaneesa,


Thank you for your reaction. I gues gender gap is an issue in a lot of places and it's definitely a good one for Connecting Worlds. Please prost your comment, even if it's not fully worked out, through as it will give the program committe a single source of the proposals made.




I would really like to learn how computer curriculum is presented/taught/prioritized outside of America and if they also have a gender gap in the computer science industry. I am not an expert so I don't think I'd have much to contribute, but I'd be happy to help organize or moderate such a panel.