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Organizing an experiment : teaching Scratch in 2 languages.

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I am very motivated and curious about finding the perfect format and setting up a cycle of lessons where the young students are stimulated to learn 2 languages  at the same time : Scratch coding blocks and a foreign language. How to blend and gamify as much as possible these 2 foundations ?

I have no idea where to start OR find resources, people who have tried this before.

Anyone intrigued to team up with me.

Obviously I welcome also non-english speaking experts (i.e. Italians)

Thanks in advance
Hi Grazie!
The facebook group will have a ton of educators who may have worked in a similar context, or who know people that have. Re-posting there, you'll probably find some helpful responses :). 

Here are a few project links that may be helpful in the meantime.

Scratch Projects Re: Foreign Languages

Chinese New Year:

Spanish Matching Game:

Learn Braille:

Learn Japanese Numbers:


Hi Alexa,
My name is Stefano. Grazie is thanks in italian

I will be on FB group
why ScratchED cannot beat FB though ?
Hi Stefano! 
Oh my gosh I'm sorry about that! 

The facebook group serves as a more central location for educators who are using Scratch— we've found that there are more conversations happening on Facebook already (though facebook was not as prevalent when ScratchEd was created, which is why we hosted discussions here!). 

I hope the group proves helpful for you!
Hi Grazie!
Have you shared this question in the Teaching with Scratch Facebook Group? We're slowly migrating discussions over to there, and I think you'll find a lot of great support from the educators in the group!

Alexa, on behalf of the ScratchEd Team
Thanks Alexa !
I am rushing out there now !
Is there anything else more specific that u can suggest in advance ?