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Organizing an experiment : teaching Scratch in 2 languages.

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I am very motivated and curious about finding the perfect format and setting up a cycle of lessons where the young students are stimulated to learn 2 languages  at the same time : Scratch coding blocks and a foreign language. How to blend and gamify as much as possible these 2 foundations ?

I have no idea where to start OR find resources, people who have tried this before.

Anyone intrigued to team up with me.

Obviously I welcome also non-english speaking experts (i.e. Italians)

Thanks in advance
Hi Grazie!
The facebook group will have a ton of educators who may have worked in a similar context, or who know people that have. Re-posting there, you'll probably find some helpful responses :). 

Here are a few project links that may be helpful in the meantime.

Scratch Projects Re: Foreign Languages

Chinese New Year:

Spanish Matching Game:

Learn Braille:

Learn Japanese Numbers:


Hi Grazie!
Have you shared this question in the Teaching with Scratch Facebook Group? We're slowly migrating discussions over to there, and I think you'll find a lot of great support from the educators in the group!

Alexa, on behalf of the ScratchEd Team
Thanks Alexa !
I am rushing out there now !
Is there anything else more specific that u can suggest in advance ?