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BESKid - BES Computer Lab Resources

Find two complete 8 part video series on game design using Scratch: Make a Two Level Game and Build a Maze. Challenge videos too.
I've uploaded 19 new instructional videos to BESKid - BES Computer Lab Resources. I recorded these videos to support 4th and 5th grade units on Creative Computing with Scratch for the 2014-2015 school year.  Students in the lab use these videos to build the basic structure of a video game and then use that basic structure to explore, imagine and create. So far students are fully engaged; they are in control of their learning and also have the opportunity to follow their curiousity. Very cool.

I am hoping that the Scratch Ed community will find them useful and will also provide me with constructive feedback that I can use as my instruction using Scratch.
Ahmad Jarbou
Thanks so much