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Bit and Byte go Fishing with Scratch

A cartoon introduction to Scratch for younger kids.

 This is a cartoony introduction to Scratch for younger kids, featuring two kids making a version of the basic demo FishChomp game by stacking up blocks and talking about the process. We've tried to cover some of the basics: that each moving part needs a little program, stacking up blocks to make actions, fixing bugs, getting help, using ideas from other projects. There's also some background information, and a little interview with Mitch Resnick. This article ran in the September issue of Ask magazine (science for kids); feel free to print out copies for classrooms and workshops (this is posted by the editor, so we grant permission!). 
The game is posted on the Scrath site under the name "BitandByte." 
You can get a free digital copy of the whole magazine at the Cricket website listed in the Links below; to get acces, enter username: pbertrand[at], password: scratch. Feel free to share this site, login, and password with your students too!

Peter Ross

 This is great! It's also useful for parents to read.