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Draft Snap! 4.0 (the new BYOB) Reference Manual

Snap!, the new browser-based BYOB, is almost ready for beta release. Here's a draft of the reference manual for comments.

 Hi, Moti.  I keep trying to answer this and failing -- this time I'm trying Safari.

The software has been out in the world for some time (, albeit in alpha, and I've just gotten around to making the manual agree with the software, so I'm hoping the same early adopters who are finding bugs in the software will debug the manual, too, before the official beta!



 Very nice project and documentation.  SNAP! will be a great next step for student's advancing from Scratch.  The implementation of first class lists is very impressive!


 Hi Brian,

Great to see that you're making progress with Snap! !

Your message indicates that the manual is new but that a new version of Snap! is not yet out. Wouldn't it make more sense to "beta" them together?