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Familiar with Scratch?

Where can I find more curricular resources?

Explore the resources section of ScratchEd to find activities, videos, lesson plans, handouts, assessments, presentations and other Scratch resources.

ScratchEd Resources

How can I assess student work in Scratch?

This research paper presented at the AERA 2012 conference describes our computational thinking framework and our approach to assessing these dimensions.

New frameworks for studying and assessing the development of computational thinking

What types of learning does Scratch support?

This webinar series shares our framework of computational thinking and describes what young people are learning as they engage as designers with Scratch.

Computational Thinking Webinar Series

How can I use the Scratch online community?

The Scratch website is a great resource for the classroom. In this webinar, we describe the Scratch online community and discuss strategies for student use.

Scratch Online Community Exploring the Scratch Website: October 2011 Webinar

What are other creative design activities I can try?

Looking for new ideas? These design activities can help challenge you and your students to dive deeper into programming with Scratch.

Diving Deeper Challenges

How do I introduce Scratch to other people?

The Scratch curriculum guide and workshop guide include activities and teaching strategies for introducing Scratch to students or colleagues.