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Free Scratch Classroom Posters

Use these unique free classroom posters to empower your students and create that positive mindset in the classroom, the computer lab, or your makerspace.
I don’t know where I first saw these classroom posters, but I remember how excited I got about delivering positive messages to my students in a language even a computer could understand…  (well, not really, but almost :)).  I played with some ideas in Scratch for a while, and last weekend, while waiting for my son at the chess tournament, I got out my graphic software and started creating away!  I was surprised at how many ideas I actually came up with - I ended up sharing 9 different posters in 2 separate posts...

Scratch Classroom Posters

A quick FYI - unlike some of the images you'll find online, these were not actually done inside Scratch, and so they are scaled correctly, and are meant to be printed either on an 8.5x11 or an 11x17 sized paper.  So, choose the appropriate size for your printer, and you won't get that annoying pixelated effect.  Feel free to use in your own classroom, just no commercial use, please...