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Hosting a Scratch Day Event: April 2012 ScratchEd Webinar

In this special webinar all about Scratch Day, ScratchEd Team members shared strategies and resources for those interested in hosting a Scratch Day event.

Karen Brennan and special guest, Jen Lavalle, a masters student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, presented resources and strategies for hosting a Scratch Day event at the April 2012 ScratchEd webinar.

Scratch Day is a worldwide network of gatherings, where people come together to meet other Scratchers, share projects and experiences, and learn more about Scratch. Find out what happened at MIT's Scratch Day event in 2010 and 2011. You can plan many different types of activities for Scratch Day. For example, you could organize:

  • hands-on workshops to introduce newcomers to Scratch
  • exhibitions to showcase projects by local Scratchers
  • sessions where educators share Scratch experiences
  • informal gatherings where Scratchers can share ideas

The Scratch Day website includes resources to help design activities, and forums to discuss and ask questions.

The presentation slides are attached below.



What will happen this year?
What will your Scratch Day look like?

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