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MaMa Dynamo Simulator

How to explain the fundamentals of electrical circuits with MaMa Dynamo Simulator

 MaMa Dynamo Simulator

 This project intends to provide a ludic and experimental way for explain the fundamentals of electrical circuits, using a MaMa Dynamo Simulator

The project has three parts
1) build a DIY dynamo simulator 

2) use the Makey Makey board to interface the DIY dynamo (MaMa Dynamo) to the PC with Scratch
3) create the Scratch code for simulating the charge/discharge of the battery depending on the MaMa Dnamo movements; the circuit has also a light bulb that becomes brighter as the charge increases and viceversa

The following video show how the MaMa Dynamo works



"How To build" instruction and Scratch project are in the link below