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Scratch Educator Meetup Guide

A guide to organizing local Scratch educator meetups

Since 2010, hundreds of educators have participated in our monthly Scratch educator meetups hosted in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Inspired by the amazing learning and sharing at the Cambridge meetups, we created a guide to help people host meetups in their own communities!

Filled with descriptions, examples, and space for planning, the ScratchEd Meetups Guide provides a step-by-step introduction to hosting a meetup. Download a copy of the guide or request a print copy.

Learn more about participating in or organizing a ScratchEd Meetup on our new meetups site:

Other Files: 
Hi ScratchEd Meetups participants and organizers!

We're working on a kit for ScratchEd Meetup organizers. 

Here's a video showing our (messy) prototype so far:

We'd love your feedback on any or all of these questions:

what do these colors convey to you?
is the box too small? too big? just right?
list 5 adjectives that describe this kit's personality/brand.
what emotion do you feel when you look at the kit?

what does each section do?
what would you say the main point of this kit is?
which items in the kit excite you most? which are most useful? least?
would you add any items to the kit?

Thanks for your help!
Willa, on behalf of the ScratchEd Team 

I'm interested at translating meetup-guide into Traditional Chinese. Since Scratch is gaining popular in Taiwan as an intorductory course of Computer Scicence for elementary school students, many teachers and parents are using scratch. It's great for educators in Taiwan to have the Meet-up Guide as a strutured approach to host acitivity.

May I have the ediatable file of this meetup guide?

For the records, our team (a.k.a Scratch-TW) has translated "Creative Computing Curriculum Guide" into Traditional Chinese, and released all the resources on under CC 4.0.

Hi Yu-Hsein,

Thanks so much for your note. It's very generous of you to offer to translate the guide into Traditional Chinese. We're actually about to release an updated version of the guide, this month, so if you're willing to wait until we post it, that would be ideal.

Stay tuned! And thank you!
Willa, on behalf of the ScratchEd Team
Hi Willa,

I've found an interesting webpage ( and noticed an updated version of Meetup Guide.
GREAT, fruitful and colorful work.
Is this a hint that the document is about to release?  Hope I'm not a spoiler. :)

Scratch on!
YH, scratch-tw group
Hi Yu-Hsien,

Yes! Not a spoiler at all! We're finalizing all the associated Meetups resources and will make a formal announcement about the guide soon, but in the meantime, feel free to remix, and let us know if we can help by sending the text etc.

Hi Wlla, 
Wow! I am definitely interested in helping transalting realted works into TC and sharing the very first-hand materials with educators communities in Taiwan! 
That will be wonderful if Scratch team could contact and send me the text etc.
Please feel free to reach me directly at

YH, Scratch-TW Group
It is great to hear about the upcoming update. I'd be more than happy to translate the updated document when it comes out.

In fact, if the team has any more other documents or updates in the pipeline, please feel free to let me know. I'd be glad to assist in the TC translations.

Willa and any of the Scratch team can contact or email me the documents directly at

Thank You!

Scratch is gaining popularity in New Zealand. It's about time I organised an Auckland meetup. Is it true that lego have a new WeDo kit coming soon? It would be cool to have wireless WeDo! 
Hi James!

It would be *amazing* of you to host an Aukland Meetup! If you're on Twitter you should join us for our first TwitterChat about Meetups (Next Wednesday 10/28 from 7-8pm US Eastern Time). Is that 12pm-1pm on October 29th for you?

As for a new LEGO WeDo kit, I'm not sure... It would be tremendous to have wireless WeDo!

Hello. How we can meetup in Kazakhstan?
If you want to read more about the history of the meetups, check out this article from 2012.