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Scratch Educator Meetup Guide

A guide to organizing local Scratch educator meetups

Since 2010, hundreds of educators have participated in our monthly Scratch educator meetups hosted in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Inspired by the amazing learning and sharing at the Cambridge meetups, we created a guide to help people host meetups in their own communities!

The meetup guide is organized in three parts:

  1. Definitions: Background information about the Scratch programming language and the assumptions about learning that underlie the meetup format.
  2. Steps: Details of a meetup, breaking down the event into a list of things to do before, during, and after.
  3. Resources: Collection of materials, from posters to permission slips, to accompany meetup activities.

Special thanks to Talya St. Clair, David Sall, Ingrid Gustafson, Janet Dee, Rosemary Slattery, Lorraine Leo, and Leanna Prater for their invaluable contributions to the guide development process.

Scratch is gaining popularity in New Zealand. It's about time I organised an Auckland meetup. Is it true that lego have a new WeDo kit coming soon? It would be cool to have wireless WeDo! 
Hi James!

It would be *amazing* of you to host an Aukland Meetup! If you're on Twitter you should join us for our first TwitterChat about Meetups (Next Wednesday 10/28 from 7-8pm US Eastern Time). Is that 12pm-1pm on October 29th for you?

As for a new LEGO WeDo kit, I'm not sure... It would be tremendous to have wireless WeDo!

Hello. How we can meetup in Kazakhstan?
If you want to read more about the history of the meetups, check out this article from 2012.