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New to Scratch?

Where can I find more curricular resources?

Explore the Resources section of ScratchEd to find activities, videos, lesson plans, handouts, assessments, presentations and other Scratch resources.

ScratchEd Resources

How can I help my students get started with Scratch?

An introductory computing curriculum using Scratch, the Scratch curriculum guide includes 44 lesson plans, handouts, and sample projects.

Scratch Curriculum Guide

What are the big ideas behind Scratch?

These one-page summaries describe some of the big ideas behind creating, learning, and programming with Scratch.

What is Scratch good for?

In this webinar recording, Mitch Resnick and Karen Brennan discuss four questions about Scratch including: What is Scratch? What is good Scratch? and What is Scratch good for?

Four Questions About Scratch: January 2011 Webinar

How do I make a project?

What is Scratch?

This brief introductory video illustrates the creative possibilities of Scratch with a wide range of examples, and a demo of Scratch's basic mechanics.

Intro to Scratch video