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Scratch Joke Book

There have been some funny things happening with Scratch at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Q. Why did Julius Caesar buy crayons?

A few weeks ago Kelley Meister, an instructor at the the Science Museum of Minnesota, was teaching a 2 day animation workshop in Scratch. The project that she gave the kids was to animate a joke. The results varied from two sprites telling a joke back and forth to actually animating the narrative of the joke. A group of teens that I work with, the Teen Tech Crew, borrowed the idea for their creative technology workshops in 2 libraries this week with simliar results. In our library workshops, I found that giving this prompt (a joke) along with a bribe (you'll get a laffy taffy for completing your animation) worked better than the traditional Scratch drop-ins we've been doing and far better than trying to do a more formal sit down workshop in a library setting. And I always love it when we have the chance to pull books off the library shelves to help/inspire our Scratch books. While the teens were teaching, I worked my way through the "Kids Book of Historical Jokes," and pumped out the animations.

So, take this and run with it. I've started a Scratch Joke Book to share some of the best, which you can submit your favorite jokes in Scratch here.





A. To mark Antony.

Karen Brennan

Hahahaha -- the jokes are hilariously punny.