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Scratch Journal or Scratch Diary

Using Scratch as a tool for students to write journals or diaries.

Scratch Journal or Scratch Diary 

Using Scratch as a tool to write journal or diary entries can be a different and interesting method for students. I have tried it and would like to share with you how it can be done.

Writing about an event

Before they attend the event, students will be informed of the following:

Students are required:

1.          to take photographs of interesting things at the event.  These can be photographs of the place, people, or even very close-up shots of an object that they find interesting, etc.

2.         to take notes of what happened at the event.

3.         to write their reflections about the event.
   (Teachers may want to give students certain questions to help them to focus or leave it open for them to share their thoughts freely.)

After the event

  1.  Students bring their notes and photographs to class.
  2. They select the photographs they would like to use to illustrate their journal entries.
  3. They edit their notes so that they match the photographs.
  4.  They scratch their journals.

I have attached a Scratch project entitled Reflections on Finding Voice []. In this project, I attended a workshop on Creative writing as a volunteer in charge of the room. The facilitator was very kind and invited me to participate in the writing activities.  The project I scratched include three poems (songs) I wrote.

The photographs I used as Backdrops show the building (The Arts House) where the workshop was held, and the things I saw as I took a walk towards the Singapore River after the event. One of the photographs was taken as I was making my way to the workshop.

I have also attached a link to a studio [ ] about my reflections after attending another event.

Try it with your students. They may enjoy it. Have fun!