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Scratch learning resource

Scratch learning through projects

Scratch resources (PDF and video for each project) can be found at this page.  Teachers and students can learn Scratch as they progress through each project.  Projects 7 through 9 will require a PICOboard.


One of our HP project teachers, Jessica Ciokan created this resource after her learning in projects sponsored by ITTIP (Institute for teaching through technology and innovative practices).  ITTIP used Scratch with high school students in Digispired ii and with elementary and middle school students in HP STEM catalyst project.


ITTIP has created Kodu and LilyPad resources as well.

Go to and click on EdTech Resources.

Please provide us feedback so we can improve the resources.

Philippe Moore
 Link appears to be broken.
Anne Croft

 The link only appears to go to Kodu tutorials?