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From the Ottawa Catholic School - Scratch Student Taskcards with Accompanying Video Tutorials

10 sets of worksheets and video tutorials for elementary school students

The Ottawa Catholic School offers Scratch workshops to grade 6 students. Lisa Bergin, Katie Brown, and Nelson Chan have developed a series of task cards and accompanying video tutorials that will help students acquire beginner to intermediate Scratch skills.

Taskcard 1: "Movement, Looping (repeat/forever) and Bouncing on Edge"
Making Your Sprite Move

Taskcard 2: "Change effects (colour, etc), Press key and Wait ? sec."
Adding Effects to your Sprite

Taskcard 3: "Importing New Sprites and Speaking/Thinking"
Create a Comic Strip 

Taskcard 4: "Create Your Own Animation Using Costumes"
Adding Backgrounds, Using Motion, Looks and Control

Taskcard 5: "X & Y Coordinates and Pen Down Effect"
Using "go to x:__ y:__" to draw shapes

Taskcard 6: "Sensing Feature/Hide and Show"
Reacting to the Mouse Pointer...

Taskcard 7: "Broadcasting and Receiving" Linking Sprite Scripts
Sending and Receiving Messages to Change Your Sprite or Background 

Taskcard 8: "Variables and Keeping Score"
Put the Score on the Stage

Taskcard 9: "Putting It All Together"
Create a Video Game

Taskcard 10: Edit Your Sprites
Use the Paint Editor to Modify Sprites 


It looks as though the host website for these materials has disappeared!


Thanks for the notification! We've updated the resource -- and the taskcards are attached.



 Super resource!  Thanks.


Holding a summer program for students and this is a great place for me to start to help guide them.  Thank you.



 thanks - great resources for a teacher new to Scratch


Nice one. If you like this you might also like another example tutorial (maybe for older pupils)  for a fish game at


Best wishes - Stamati


These are really great!   I'm new to Scratch and just introducing it to 4th-6th graders and these videos and task cards have been tremendously useful as a jumping off point!   Thanks so much :)


Fantastic. I'll follow this to improve my understanding of scratch and try this out with some children too.