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The Scratchian Chronicles

The Scratchian Chronicles - stories from the Scratch World
The Scratchian Chronicles (TSC) is a series of short funny stories about Scratch world as seen by the sprite's side. I want to tell stories of how sprites live inside Scratch planet, what they feel about coders and how they relate with code applied to them. So, a funny way to talk about Scratch and coding.

I think these short stories could be also useful for transdisciplinary activities and for allow students to improve creativity and culture.

I write the stories in italian and the english translation is currently curated by Heloisa Zal (I don't know how long I will use her great "service"; I'm really greatful for her help and availability)

About the title
The title "The Scratchian Chronicles" refers to The Martian Chronicles the science fiction short story collection by Ray Bradbury, wrote in 1950)

Below you can find the links to the collection (that also include the file in italian language) and to the single stories (I'll add,  time by time, the new link)