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Scratch@MIT 2012 Session: Ignite Talks

13 educators gave 5 minute talks that involved showing 20 slides with 15 seconds per slide

I absolutely loved the ignite talks at the 2012 Scratch conference. The talks were smart, funny, profound, and touching. I wish that we had recorded them, but we do have the slide decks from Thursday and Friday attached here.


Encouraging Girls to Become Creators
Patty Hicks

Getting Computer Science into the Curriculum
Joanne Barrett

Why Do I Have to Learn That? Scratching to Make Learning Relevant
Ryan Evans

Creative Thinking through Game Design and Multimedia
Barbara Manchee, Emily Natoli-Burns

Oh the Presentation Possibilities!
Janet Dee

Digital Augmented Stories with Scratch in Language Classes
Frank Sabaté


The Earlier, The Better: Kindergarten-Aged Kids Creating their World with Scratch
Vera De Leon

Ten Things I Learned from Creating an After-School Scratch Club
PK Shiu

The World of the Autism Spectrum and Students who Love to Scratch
Vicki Gold

Scratch Chaos in a Middle School
Joseph Jones

The Windows and Doors of Scratch
Sandie Bleecker

Unleashing Logic: The Path to a New Way of Thinking
Colin Meltzer, Jennifer Junkin