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Scratch@MIT 2012 Third Keynote: Scratch Goes to School

Students and teachers shared their experiences with Scratch, as implemented in five 3rd grade classrooms in the Ramapo Central School District.

Scratch Goes to School

Judy Barbera, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
Sandi Reyes, Elementary STEM Coordinator
David Grammerstorf, 3rd Grade Teacher
Nicole Hovsepian, 3rd Grade Teacher
Andrea Edwards, Instructional Facilitator
Genna Colonnato, 3rd Grade Student
Jacob Goodman, 3rd Grade Student
Jason Kardon, 3rd Grade Student
Sarah Katz, 3rd Grade Student
Joe Ligresti, 3rd Grade Student
Moderated by Karen Brennan, MIT Media Lab

In school settings, Scratch is often viewed as an add-on – something that is done as a supplement to, not in connection with, curricular goals. But there are many ways that design- based learning with Scratch can be meaningfully integrated into school curriculum. In this session, students and teachers from the Ramapo Central School District share their experiences of integrating Scratch into a STEM unit of study.



Michelle Schiebel

 As an elementary school teacher, this is probably my favorite keynote.  I've never even tried Scratch with 3rd grade, only 4th & 5th.  I'm excited to try it with younger kids this upcoming school year.  

The kids were fabulous! 

Love the rubric! Definately need to look in to this.