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Scratch@MIT Second Keynote: Participation in Computational Culture with Connie Yowell and Jan Cuny

Connie Yowell (MacArthur Foundation), Jan Cuny (NSF), and Mitch Resnick (MIT Media Lab) discuss participation in the 21st century.

Participation in Computational Culture
Connie Yowell, Director of Education for U.S. Programs, MacArthur Foundation
Jan Cuny, Program Officer, National Science Foundation
Moderated by Mitchel Resnick, Professor of Learning Research, MIT Media Lab

How can young people become full participants in today’s (and tomorrow’s) society? What knowledge, skills, capacities, and dispositions do they need? How are digital media and computation changing what young people need to know and the ways they participate? In this session, Jan Cuny and Connie Yowell discussed how they explore these questions in their work – and how educators can support young people’s participation in computational culture.




Michelle Schiebel

Thanks for sharing. I really have a lot to chew on now.  Especially the discussion of "tinkering" and "scaffolding."  Going to share this with our (female) H.S. Computer Science teacher.