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Digital Schoolhouse Video Tutorials: How to generate and present "Highest Score" for games

This video tutorial series explains how to combine the name and score variable in a list called Highest Score.

The Digital Schoolhouse website is offering a series of tutorial videos for a project which combines variables with a list to calculate and display highest score for a game.

Click on the image below to view the "Highest Score" video tutorials.

Q: What happens in the videos…?

A: Essentially it uses the variables called score or timer with a new variable called name. We show the viewer how to create this new variable called name using an sensor input and then store the answer against this new variable. Finally, we show the viewer how to add a list called Highest Score and then use these variables in Highest Score list at the end of the game i.e. when the game has been completed.

Special thanks to Mark Dorling for sharing these free resources with us. If you have any further requests for video tutorials please don’t hesitate to contact the Digital Schoolhouse project on