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About a Meetup: An Interview with Rosemary Slattery

I first came to the ScratchEd Meetup in February 2011. I didn’t know what to expect, and February was fabulous. I left the Meetup and had all kinds of ideas, so I signed up right away for the March event. When I got there, again, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was a little more confident in Scratch. When I attended the first time, I’d only been using Scratch in my class for two weeks.


Instead of staying in the beginner’s group, I broke out and went to the debugging-themed self-organized session, which I enjoyed. I felt that I knew the basics of Scratch from what I was teaching in my classroom. That’s why I went on to the next step, rather than staying with the introductory group. 


It was good. I’m glad I was able to learn things that I didn’t know. There were about five of us in the self-organized session and there were problems that were presented. We just kept throwing out suggestions on how we could approach a debugging session and different strategies we would use. I enjoyed that.


Coming back and presenting at Show & Tell for me was a scary situation. That was nerve-wracking. I can stand in front of a classroom of kids, that doesn’t bother me, but I’m still so new at this. But I think it was good. I’m very proud of what my kids are doing considering they’ve only been doing Scratch for about six weeks. They’ve been doing some really nice stuff.


I just enjoy the whole learning atmosphere at the meetups. I enjoy the collegiality and networking with people. You get to see what other people are doing in their classrooms and you can take ideas home with you.


I took away a lot. But I take away a lot every time when I come here.