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A Chestnut Hill Story

After a bit of a wild taxi ride, I made it to The Chestnut Hill School near Boston to see the work Karen Garrison and Barb Tennyson are doing with their students. They took me on a tour of the school first while the students were in recess before inviting some of the students to come into the computer lab to show me their projects.


As long time friends, co-teachers, and fans of Scratch, Karen and Barb use the WeDo to teach science and math to 3-6 grades. Third grade meets once a week, while the other grades use Scratch on a project to project basis. Karen and Barb are also trying to get Scratch integrated more into other classrooms and subjects.


Projects featured in the video include a pulley system using the WeDo motor and a controller made by creatively attaching the tilt sensor to a popsicle stick.


peter mahony

 Great story .. thanks for sharing!