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An Independent Collaborative Project

Students worked to create math video games with the SCRATCH software.  Throughout the experince, students would self reflect on their blogs and their classmate's blogs.  We housed the links, resources and SCRATCH projects in our Edmodo environment.  Students used Screencast-o-Matic to create screencasts for other students.  At the end of the experience, the students Skyped with the "Where's My Water" Disney development team to learn more about game development. 

Next year, we plan on evolving the project so the art students will be using bamboo tablets to create the characters and backgrounds.  Our math class will focus more on the  programming aspect of the game and will also act as the sound designers.

Here's a snapshot of the experience!



I'd also love to learn more and see the games. :)


 I'm curious to see the math video games that have been developed. Have they been published on the Scratch website?


All the best,




Hi Michelle,

Thanks for posting this. I really enjoyed watching the video and hearing what the students thought about the experience and I love the idea of including the students' artwork in the next iteration.

I'm curious to hear more. How long did students have to develop their projects? How did collaborations form? How did you assess their work?