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A Video Interview with Ben Chun of the Galileo Academy of Science & Technology

Ben Chun is an educator at the Galileo Academy of Science & Technology in San Francisco, CA. He teaches 10th through 12th grade computer science courses, including AP. During a visit to the MIT Media Lab last year, the ScratchEd Team had a chance to sit with Ben and hear more about his work with Scratch.

From that interview, we captured short videos of Ben talking about his teaching perspectives and approaches to using Scratch with his students. In these video vignettes, he shares thoughtful and candid anecdotes from his experiences, including how he previously rejected Scratch, how he develops curriculum for his classes, and what happens when students get stuck.















Ben shares more inspiring stories about learning to program on his I learned to program... website. You can also hear more from Ben on his blog, And Yet It Moves... or check out his Computational Thinking Illustrations.