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Introducing P4K (Interfacing Scratch with Electronic Snap Kits)

Scratch is a great tool for kids to start computer programming with. However, it is even more fun when you take it to the next level and use it as an interfacing tool as well. A group of engineers from Oman have worked on building a development board by which kids can now use scratch to program interactive programs that can react with electronics snap kits. Adding a whole new level to the game!

The idea was to give an answer to our students and their parents who started to ask: what next? Coding is fun, but connecting the code to the outside world creates a world of endless possibilities. Though this is not something new, as we already have hundreds of different development boards, but making something really simple and easy for kids to catch up was a reason good enough for the team to develop the P4K board.

P4K stands as you might have already guessed for (Programming 4 Kids). It utilizes Scratch in a smart and easy way to convey instruction back and forth to control simple electronic circuits. The board has been introduced for the first time for a group of 120 students. The feedback was amazing & the ideas they came up with were really inspiring.

The team is now working on documenting their work so it can be shared and distributed on a bigger scale. Another score for Scratch Coding!

To learn more about Engineering Village Oman follow the links below.

More about P4K in the near future.
Thanks for sharing this exciting application of Scratch. I look forward to seeing more documentation, as you collect it. I'm also curious to learn more about how you use Scratch with the various courses listed on your website. Do students ever use Scratch to create animations of circuitry in the planning stages of their design work, for example?