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LEAD Video: Scratch at the Chinese International School

This video, created by the Learning through Engineering, Art, and Design (LEAD) organization, takes you on a journey to see how they have infused Scratch throughout the Chinese International School in Hong Kong. Teachers, ICT facilitators, directors, and parents share their perspectives on the opportunities and challenges that Scratch has offered the students. The video includes audio in English, accompanied by Chinese subtitles.

香港青年協會LEAD 創意科藝工程計劃一直引入科技發揮創意,將優質的工具向本港老師同學生推介。其中由美國麻省理工學院媒體實驗室研發的Scratch,正是其中一個LEAD大力推介的教育軟件。多年來,老師不斷發現Scratch的優點,在教學上百花齊放; 其中漢基國際學校以Scratch建立了一個具創新精神的伙伴學習文化,對教育界同工甚具啟發性,歡迎各位瀏覽本影片。