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Scratch Advent Calendar

 Today, I set a class the challenge of creating an Advent Calendar in Scratch. One pupil figured out that if he created one Sprite and coded it he could then copy that Sprite and tweak the code etc. This meant he got his calendar well underway before other pupils had barely started. He chose to add numbers to the on-screen boxes and by clicking on each box - just like a real Advent Calendar - something popped up. In this case some very random creatures from the Scratch library. While other pupils were fussing about what to write or what to make happen when a window was clicked or a key was pressed, this pupil proved it could be done and finished the task. Of course, given more time the project could definitely be improved but as a proof of concept it works brilliantly and I love it!
Scratch Project: 
Yes, it is an excellent project. Love it! Thanks for sharing. : )