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Scratch Day Amsterdam 2012

 As one of our events took place at the beautifull venue of Waag Society in downtown Amsterdam we tried to do something special. The ambition was to use Build Your Own Blocks to build a networked music machine. We failed. Check out our moviechannel, and see the 11 year old Michael play as a pro. You can also check our the links at our website as mentioned below.


It was clear from the video tht the event was "big fun"! :)

I love this line: "Failure is easy when ambition is high."



 Thank you, I'll try to explain the Dutch proverb next week at the conference :-)


Thanks for the link to the YouTube channel.

I'm intrigued by your comment that you "failed", trying to use BYOB to build a networked music machine. In what way(s) do you think it was a failure?


Please read failure as "make mistakes", a positive thing. Failure is easy when ambition is high. It was my ambition to use the host/join mesh function of BYOB to build a single music machine operated by all present. Actually it was an idea, I had never done such a thing before ...

I should have written that despite the failure it was big fun, young and old attended - even three generations from one family - and all of them learned programming for the first time. Part of the session was a lesson on how to build the Ocean Music Box, and once attendees got that they went in a lot of directions from there.