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Scratch Project for the Women International Day (March 8th 2018)

Hello Scratch Educators!
Getting the students to engage creatively on scratch projects has been a priority for our team of educators at EPAM Systems. Recently, we added another layer to that engagement when we created a Social Impact Curriculum that that marries the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals to our Scratch classes.  EPAM Systems is focused on teaching Scratch classes that enhance the student's awareness of global issues, connect them with the Scratch community, and empower project-based learning that is fueled by students own creative interests.
And we have a special project for the Women International Day (or month)!! We created a project as part of our UN's GOAL 5: Gender Equality class, where students get the chance to discuss women's rights, different scenarios where gender inequality occur, and creatively think of Scratch projects that can bring awareness and possible resolutions to this issue.
Our plan is to, throughout the month of March, have classes focus on women rights and gender inequalities. We are also supporting and encouraging other scratch educators around the globe to do the same!
On the project’s page, you can find Instructions and also a brief explanation of why and how this project came to be.
Please let me know if you need any additional information or support to add this to your classes the next month!
Thanks in advance for your support,
Ruth Caisse
This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing! I'd also encourage you to share this with the Teaching with Scratch Facebook Group if you haven't already :)!