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Scratch Sensors-Actuators in Aurdino Shield

I would like to share with you a project we created in the robotics lab of my school. We use scratch (S4A distribution) for learning programing... but to do it more interactive and focus in robotis we created this boards that enable to read sensors, process the measurementes and react using motors, reles, lamps ...
Base on this board we create mecatronics systems and robots.


Please have a look to the wiki, send us doubts or comments. also we have pcb avaliables if you do not have skills to do it or you can safe cost.


Hello Jose,

yes it's really the logical path. We too are playing around with WeDo and Scratch and I can already see the coming limitations. I don't know the S4A distribution, I'd prefer a solution compatible to plain scratch. So I found some ideas using Scratch's broadcast mechanism via an IP-based network. Unfortunately this requires a more complex IO board with Ethernet/WiFi connectivity. But I think such a solution can bring us more flexibility, Perhaps this might become over here a winter season project in preparation to the next Scratch Day.

Good Luck and thanks for pointing to your efforts,




You are following the logical path. First of all WeDo, and very soon you will need more :-)



 Ola Jose,


Thanks for sharing this information. This is cool stuff. I am currently working on a proposal for introducing LEGO We Do and Scratch in a primary school-classroom.

I hope I can find some usecase where I can use your project.