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We Do WeDo (Part Deux)

I am taking a course taught by Mitch Resnick at the MIT Media Lab. This year, he is co-teaching it with Sherry Turkle and Karen Brennan is the TA. One of our assignments was to create an animation, story, or game using on and off-screen interaction with Scratch and the LEGO WeDo Robotics Kit.

After Mitch and Karen gave us a short demo on the WeDo and forming teams of 2-3 people, we were given a WeDo kit and a week to make our projects.

My group was inspired by a submarine project from last year, and so we made a similar project using a bird with a scrolling background. But there was a lot of creativity shown in the different projects including stories, games, game controllers, and interactive art. Here are some of the projects:

(Scratch project file and pictures are attached below.)



Flobie's Adventure: 






MIT in Space: 




We were given a week to meet with our group and work on our projects. From our discussion in class regarding the activity, some key takeaways were:

-It's best to do quick, small iterations and frequent testing.

-Debugging can feel different in the physical world versus the virtual world, and trying to debug in a group can also be a different challenge.

-It's difficult to manage how to divide one's time between building the WeDo piece, programming in Scratch, and troubleshooting.

-given the openness of the activity and the materials, each group was able to adjust the project to their own level of difficulty, whether it was making a short animation or a multi-level game.


You can also check out projects from last year's class.