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Frank Sabaté

Member since October 8th, 2011


Brief biography: 
I'm Frank Sabaté and I'm a teacher at "Escola Projecte" a school in Barcelona (Spain). This is the fifth year that my colleague Carlota Bujons and I use Scratch in our classrooms. We have done a "Videogames Creation Workshop" for 4th grade students (10 y.o.). The workshop consisted in 12 one-hour lessons where the students learnt little by little how to use Scratch to create games. For example, in one session they had to program how to move an object using the keyboard but the rest of the game was programmed by the teachers. You can see some of the sessions at http:// tallerdecreaciodevideojocs. They are in Catalan but I think you can get an idea of what we are talking about. At the end of the workshop, the students were able to create some really cool games by themselves. You can play some of them at galleries/view/49107 Finally, our students showed their work and taught how to use Scratch to the 4th grade secondary students of our school (16 y.o.) And they did the same in a open session with their parents.