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patrick de marta

Member since July 4th, 2013


Brief biography: 
I'm a 45 yo Italian,, now living in Catalunya, Spain. I started coding in basic at 13yo on a sinclair zx80, ... some years later, in the Pentium era I dropped windows for linux with the first slackware.. then mandrake distro... untill falling in love with debian/ ubuntu. Presently on Mac OSX. I got a biology degree and a phd in molecular biology, while scripting web sites with relational databases in asp, then php, untill I met ruby, another love at first sight. I've been teaching math, science and informatics to 10 to 13 yo childrens for a while. the last two years I've been working on cross platform mobile development. Since 19 yo been studying aikido, since some years also teaching it. Next big project is helping kids to learn Scratch!